our leaders

Miss Saskia

Saskia Nicholls: Head of School

I have a diverse and extensive educational background. I hold an Honours degree majoring in Sociology and a minor in Psychology. I completed a diploma in Criminal Justice, a certificate in Infant/Toddler & Early Childhood Education as well as 2 Montessori diplomas (3-5 years & 6-9 years). I believe every child should be surrounded by quality education that can focus on the individual needs of the child. Children are the building blocks of society, and parents & educators have a responsibility to provide a strong foundation for their children. It is with this conviction that I have founded KinderHeart Montessori and will always strive to uphold these strictest standards.

Miss Nicole

Nicole Desilets: Head Administrator

I received my Directress certificate from A.M.I. (Association Montessori International) as well as my Early Childhood Education certificate in 1996. I have observed many Montessori Schools in BC and the United Stated over the last twenty years trying to gather as much information as possible. I started teaching in 1996 and have attended numerous conferences and seminars over the years. I have been a board member of the British Columbia Montessori Association for the last five years and help organize the annual conference for teachers in BC and Alberta.

I have been with KinderHeart Montessori since 2009.

Mis Katelyn

Katelyn Manley: Assistant Administrator

I currently hold my Special Education Teacher certificate, completed in 2011 and my ECE, completed in June of 2015. Being in the field always came naturally to me, I was raised around other children in a home care setting- when I was a child they were my playmates and as I got older I was a teacher, nurturer and role model.

Working at KinderHeart Montessori gives me the opportunity to give a strong academic start with the love and care that is brought from a family environment.

Miss Carla
Miss Carla

Carla McLaren: Assistant Administrator